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Avian - Nicole Conway **I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.**

This is a sequel of pure perfection! Avian picks up right where Fledgling ends and I love that! It didn't skip over the three month break from the academy. It begins with Jae returning home only to find that Katty likes a guy that's not him because he's a halfbreed and his father has moved away without notice. The only one to contact him was Roland, his older stepbrother. So immediately we see Jae mature into this young man he is forced to become.

Mavrik is still such a lovely character. He definitely makes me enjoy dragons a lot more.

I am shocked to find that king drake Icarus has chosen a rider, but it's a female and he wants no other. He has chosen Beckah, daughter of Sile.

It was great to see more of Bekah and her wittiness. Sile is just amazing through everything he shares, shows and keeps secret. Felix is still an awesome friend.

I loved the new characters and especially the old ones. Following Jae through his avian year to become an official dragonrider was amazing. I can definitely say he definitely grew and matured throughout the book.

Let me just say...thank God Beckah and Jae got it together between each other. They are just too damn cute and proved my prediction in my review of Fledgling!

That ending! Oh my gosh...I need answers like now. His father?! 

Totally enjoyed! This is definitely worth the read! I'm a dragon lover now!