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Crystal Magic (Clearwater Witches #1)

Crystal Magic (Clearwater Witches #1) - Madeline Freeman **I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.**

Crystal Magic was a very great read. Better than I assumed it would be. This is a young adult paranormal novel about witches. This follows Kristyl as she moves in with her aunt Jodi after a tragic misfortune. She believes moving in with her aunt Jodi to Clearwater will allow her to have a fresh start, but mysterious things begin to happen and she soon finds out that she among others in the town are witches.

At first Kristyl's main focus is to learn to control her power to avoid the outbursts with her power, however she meets Crystal and a bunch of others who call themselves the circle. The circle wants to use Kristyl and she declines them until something happens that she quickly changes her mind.

The characters in this book were interesting nonethless. Kristyl definitely had anger issues and it made more interesting because she was a witch. I enjoyed aunt Jodi; she was quirky. Owen seemed like a sweet guy and learning that he too was the same was much more interesting.

I did not like Fox and Crystal. Crystal just seemed to obsessed with the idea of power and magic. Fox just used his power to get attention from females which makes him douchebag.

The part with Mrs. Cole freaked me out. I'm assuming Crystal caused her demise because she was the last person to be seen with Mrs. Cole. Same thing with aunt Jodi when she got cursed. I may be wrong but I believe it was Crystal.

The ending has a small cliffhanger. I mean altering the past must have some consequences!

I enjoyed this book even though it was a bit of a drag at times. However it was still a fast paced and quick read.

I'm interested to see what happens next.