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Beautiful Beautiful

Beautiful Beautiful - Heidi Garrett **I received this book in exchange of an honest review.**

I absolutely loved this novella! It was sweet with a huge plot twisted piled on top of another. Absolutely insane. I love the story of Kerrin and how she fell in love. She would tell her daughter the story of her love life in fairy tale like state. It was completely romantic. Kerrin's daughter Mirabella was too adorable in how she interacted with the story her mother was telling her. Just the interaction in general between Kerrin and Mirabella is the epitome of mother and daughter relationship.

I thought Anthony Zorr was such a hunk. He seemed genuinely attracted to Kerrin, but when the truth came out about his past things just started to spiral downwards. Marni seemed strange and the truth of her just made the creepiness double over.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this story and the symbolism behind it! Great job on this one Heidi!