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Angry Birds Comics Volume 1: Welcome to the Flock

Angry Birds Comics Volume 1: Welcome to the Flock - Jeff Parker, Paul Tobin, Paco Rodrigues, Marco Gervasio, Cesar Ferioli **A e-copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I totally enjoyed this graphic novel of Angry Birds. It was so cute, adorable and funny to read. I love how the birds and pigs were at constant war from across on different rocks, to piggyland and to beach. Just simply hilarious. I never really liked the Angry Birds game, but this totally made me fall in love with Angry Birds.

Awesome graphics/ artwork. Definitely enjoyed this to a T. I even read this to my younger siblings (sister age 9, brother age 13) and they enjoyed every piece of this. I definitely plan to purchase a physical copy when it's released.

4 stars across the board!