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Immortals (Book two)

Immortals (Book two) - Ednah Walters **A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Simply freaking fantastic!

Immortals was a perfect sequel to Runes. It follows Raine and Torin as they try to rekindle what the Norns took of Torin's memory. As much as Torin tried to ignore Raine, he knew something was missing and something was off. With the help of Andris, Torin and Raine found themselves back in love. In the mix of all this Raine's father is not feeling too well and to find out what really took place when he was saved by Torin shocked me. I totally love Torin much more.

The issues with Eirik was insane. To know that Maliina was the one turning him evil pissed me off. I thought she was dead, but to learn she wasn't and that she was working for Hel, Eirik's mother was just frustrating. Disguising herself as Cora while the real Cora was in a psych ward hurt. Poor Cora, I hope things are okay for her and definitely hope to read more. I hope her friendship with Eirik and Raine is saved and not severed.

Raine was total heroine and to be a powerful seeress must be incredible. Eirik learning the truth and going home to his grandparents is a good move I think and the love between Torin and Raine is just absolutely amazing.

I totally loved this more than Runes and hope the next book is just as good or better.