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Scorned - Tyffani Clark Kemp Scorned was a magnificent start to the LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted trilogy. Tyffani Clark Kemp did such an amazing job with this YA Paranromal novel. There is a balance of romance, killing and drama which makes it all amazing. I love vampires so this was just an automatic good novel for me.

One my favorite lines from the book is from Pierce: "So, Roman is a vampire pimp daddy man whore?" LMFAO -- just priceless! That basically describes Roman to a T. I couldn't stop laughing when he asked LeKrista that.

LeKrista was definitely an awesome female lead protagonist. She was snarky, bold and confident. She had her moments where she felt weak, but when she snapped out of it she was capable of kicking butt. Her attraction to Roman seems to have to do with him having access to her mind and her powers as a mage. I don't think she is seriously attracted to him as she is with Pierce.

Roman is a mysterious guy to me. I'm still trying to figure out if he loves LeKrista, wants to harm or just wants her for the power she has. It's all so shifty with him. Roman is the kind of guy that's sweet on the eyes, but you'd never want to mess with him because he has so many dark secrets and refuses to tell you the truth. Roman is has no points from me, even though from time to time he has chivalrous moments.

Pierce is such a sweetheart, but finding out that there is more to him paranormally is crazy. The fact that he can't tell her until they are married and have sex is crazy. Through everything LeKrista went through he was always there for her and never stayed upset, even when he knew Roman's intentions to break them up. I love Pierce and he has my vote over Roman! I mean five years with LeKrista has to count for something.

Eddy and his girls being shapeshifters is insane. I honestly didn't see that coming. All the hostility between them and LeKrista makes so much sense now. I hope things hash out even more between them.

Perdita and Lucretious. pissed me off. Lucretious is a jerk. Killing LeKrista to get to his maker, Roman, made no sense. I know Roman disposed of his first love Vivian, but it seems like he was doing the same. He should have just left LeKrista alone. All his advances to try and kill her never succeeded. He did get a few good injuries in, but ultimately he failed and cost his own life. Perdita is a straight queen bee. I understand she lost her lover, but killing others to turn them and trying to kill LeKrista was just a fail just like her lover.

Excited for Hunted and to see if LeKrista agrees to the marriage proposal, if Pierce reveals what he is and how things go with Roman.