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Raven Falling

Raven Falling - Misti Murphy OMG! This was an absolutely freaking perfect adult paranormal novel. Misti Murphy is a freaking amazing author. The characters were perfect and that cliffhanger left me speechless.

Raven is the daughter of a Shadow and now it is her time to take her fathers role as his only heir. She went from having a normal life to a life that gets turned upside down when she meets Ash.

Ash is an Angel of Death that promised her father he would take care of her and that he did in every aspect.

Sam and Anna, Raven's parents act very different from how they are depicted which was good. Her father Sam being a Shadow was very loving and caring towards his daughter. Her mother Anna, however, was a cold hearted woman with jealousy.

Luke was a great character and more so towards the end when he true feeling began to come forth. But finding out who Luke really wad threw me for a loop. I kind of guessed Luke was Ash in the little things they both said but more so from that tattoo.

Finding out who Raven had to kill for her test, the choice she made instead and then in turn learning who Ash had to kill was crazy. The Shadow king seems like a creepy guy.

The characters were well thought out. The romance and love "triangle" kept the book interesting. The truths that are revealed were great in every aspect. I definitely need to know what happens next.

This book was perfection!