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Into The Fire

Into The Fire - Ashelyn Drake Kelly Hashway aka Ashelyn Drake has created an impeccable story surrounded around mythology, romance, family and deceit. I was blown away by how this kept my hooked from the very first paragraph all the way until the end. The love story between Cara and Logan is perfect and balances out the mythology behind Cara being a Phoenix.

Cara is a very shy country-side girl with a huge secret, but so do a few of the people in Ashlan Falls. They are Phoenixes. Cara is a month away from her rebirth when she meets an attractive young man that happens to pull her in the most unexpected way. Logan is a bold city guy with a simple infatuation for Cara that is unexpected. He can't keep away from her and falls instantly in love with her. He is dragged into the word of Phoenixes and must figure out how things work.

The relationship between Cara and Logan is increasingly seamless. Granted it was instalove for them both, but I love how they tried to keep cool and get to know one another.

The fact that Cara was close to her rebirth was one struggle, but she had her brother Jeremy who just went through his rebirth, an overprotective mother, a strong love for Logan which makes her powers unstable and a Phoenix hunter on the loose.

Finding out who the Phoenix hunter was didn't really surprise me at all, but then again it did as well. I was shocked by how well the hunter was able to infiltrate the lives of Cara and Jeremy and pretend to be normal. The way in which he used his trust to lore Cara with him to the school and kill her was insane. I like how smart Cara was to dial Logan's number and leave a message with the hunter talking.

I still think Logan's dad is a hunter simply because he is always working late and barely pops up in the story and since there are murders in the next town over I just assume his dad is a Phoenix hunter and that there are multiple hunters in the area out to kill.

This was a perfect story and my first book introduction to the life and world of Phoenixes…PERFECTION! I read the sneak peak of Out of the Ashes, which I assume is book #2, and all I can say is -- I need it NOW!