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My Tethered Soul

My Tethered Soul - Dorothy Dreyer This was such an awesome sequel. This follows up excellently to My Sister's Reaper.

Zadie is now seventeen years old which means that her protection spell from Lilura is no longer capable of working. She is now open to the Reaper's Rite. Her sister Mara lost her magic in book 1, but it mysteriously returns. Zadie must now fight two Reapers: her mom's and her sister's. In the mist of this battle people get hurt, lives are lost but in the end the battle is won.

I totally enjoyed Zadie once again. She fought all the way through. Even when the Reaper materialized and controlled her. She never backed down. No matter how hard the Reaper tried he simply couldn't keep control. That's strength.

Mara thankfully learned her lesson and only used her powers to stay alive. She trained her, researched and helped Zadie the same way she helped her (read My Sister's Reaper). Mara is a true sister.

Chase is great. I learned so much more about him in this book. The things he endured in how he must wear a trench coat and then his battle with the Reapers was so brave. He is a true brave young man.

Hunter is a new character that proved to be useful. He's Chase's older brother and he helps protect Vilas. For me he was pure comic relief.

Lilura...I can only say I respect her so much morw for what she sacrificed and how she was their for the girls from the time they were younger. She is such a cranky old woman with a very humorous tone to the things she says. Lilura was more of a mother figure for the girls while their mom was "away" and she did an awesome job.

Gavin is brave. From learning about his real parents to getting hurt he definitely stayed close to Zadie at all times. He never gave up on her or left her side.

Naomi is still a true friend. After learning she could die and then almost dying she never wanted to leave Zadie's side. She was a true friend that loved her to the end. Even though she had no magical bloodline she did all she could to help, support and protect Zadie.

The witches and the medium were a great addition to the novel and kept me laughing but what happened to Helene, Erina and Lilura just tore me up. I couldn't believe how fast it all happened.

In the end this was a great sequel. Especially when their mom came home. Priceless.