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Persephone's Orchard

Persephone's Orchard - Molly Ringle **I received this book in exchange for an honest review**

OMG. I've always read books on Greek mythology in modern times, but Persephone's Orchard is hot, intense and gripping in many ways. Molly Ringle has created something so profound that my interest in Greek mythology has increased.

Persephone's Orchad is a something of a retelling of the story of Persephone and Hades. Usually when hearing about Hades you think of an evil, ugly guy, but this spin made Hades a hot, early twenties man. I feel in love with Hades or Adrian had me hyper active. Persephone or Sophie, as she is in this modern twist, is so young, sweet and naive. However, the minute she drunk the juice with the pomegranate juice in it she was able to unlock everything she ever knew.

The romance between the two of them was so amazing. Even though it was instalove for Adrian, Sophie took her time because not only was she already in a relationship, but being human she was only getting used to her past lives meshing with her future.

Besides Adrian, Sophie, the romance and drama, I loved Rhea and Nikolaos aka Hermes. Rhea at first didn't seem too important, but finding that she was there for Adrian when he first sacrificed himself up until he was a young man. To me she seemed like a mother figure. Nikolaos was such a funny character. I loved him from start to finish. I especially enjoyed when Sophie described his outfit -- priceless and hilarious. The underworld was beautiful in the way it was described. Nothing I would ever imagine for it to be, but Molly created it so beautifully.

I hated Thanatos so much. I wish they were never created. I know immortality is not good, but their hatred was insane. I didn't like how they killed Apollo and how they told his wife. Was not cool at all.

Overall, the storyline, the drama, romance, the world and characters were simply fabulous and this will remain a favorite for me.