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I Want It That Way

I Want It That Way - Ann Aguirre Ann Aguirre did an awesome job with this NA Contemporary Romance. This is my third or fourth contemporary new adult read and it was awesome. I gave this a 4 star rating because Ty pissed me off with his ways every now and then and I just felt annoyed.

Nadia was a very intriguing young lady. For a college student she was highly mature and strong willed. I enjoyed learning more about her and how she interacted with her roommates, her job and her neighbor. She kept things interesting and when she felt she spoke to much it just was perfection.

Ty was an awesome guy, but he totally irked me at some points. He was a hard worker and outstanding father to Sam. He truly loved his son and was determined to let no one hurt or harm him in any shape or form. I respected Ty, but when it came to the memories of Diana, his ex, he irked me to death. I understand him feeling bad, but at the same time it was Diana's choice to be miserable and hate life not his. But I love how Nadia helped him let go. It was amazing.

Sam was too damn adorable for me. He was sweet, loving, respectable and just an awesome little kid. His love for Nadia was amazing -- he loved her as a person, as a teacher and as his father girlfriend. It was precious in every single way.

I loved all the other roommates. They were a bit crazy, but very enjoyable to the story.

Ann Aguirre did amazing. Ready to see what the companion brings.