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Anya's Ghost

Anya's Ghost - Vera Brosgol Cute read. Funny.

Anya was a great character. She was rebellious and shy all at once. The moment she falls into the hole her world changes. She meets a ghost named Emily. Emily tells her that she died by falling into the ground running from a killer, but the truth revealed was too much to hold back laughter. Emily went from being a sweet ghost to a psychotic ghost like her true nature. I totally loved Emily and Anya's relationship from start to finish.

The illustrations were perfect. What sold me the most is the scene where Anya is in gym class and she trips and falls and shows her rear end. The way in which the artist captured each moment (the fall specifically) was pure perfection.

I suggest anyone looking for a good read that's humorous, has a huge plot twist and just want a quick read to check this out. You will not be disappointed at all.