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Alienated - Melissa Landers This has been my first time reading a book involving aliens and I must say I totally enjoyed it. Melissa Landers did a fantastic job in creating two worlds that mesh so well. The characters were amazingly written and the action was well thought out.

This story follows Cara Sweeney (a human) and Aelyx (a L'eihr alien). Cara Sweeney is your typical smart over the top girl who is chosen by L'eihrs out of thirty thousand seniors in the country to take part in a student ambassador exchange program in which the L'eihrs send one of their best students to stay with her for about 6 months and then she goes to L'eihr and does the same. Aelyx is the L'eihr exchange student. He is eighteen years old and completely hot. He and his comrades have other plans in which they destroy their time on Earth because they don't want an alliance, but of course as in all YA a love begins to bud and things go badly array.

I enjoyed how each character had their own personality from start to finish. I could envision what each character looked like, sounded like and just how they carried themselves. The details were outstanding and just kept me gripped to the story-line.

Things I enjoyed:
• I loved how Cara mooned Aelyx by accident when she was taking off her spanxs and how he determined the definition of mooning.
• Cara trying to cook until she found something Aelyx would eat
• The Sweeney's hospitality to a stranger and alien
• Aelyx hurting Marcus
• the medics healing Cara

Things I disliked:
• Syrine, I just don't like her
• Tori's ultimatum to Cara
• Eric breaking up with Cara
• Tori and Eric becoming a couple
• The HALO protestors getting violent and killing Eron
• Marcus beating up on Cara

This book was full of romance, action and comedy and I cannot wait for Invaded, book #2, to be released!