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To Call Your Name: Book 2 - The Palace Saga

To Call Your Name: Book 2 - The Palace Saga - Catherine Green **This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Gave 4.5 stars.

Catherine Green has created yet another great paranormal story with her sequel to Life in the Palace. Life in the Palace (book one of the Palace Saga) was a paranormal romance with a different take. It blew my mind. With the sequel, To Call Your Name, I was still in love with the characters.

To Call Your Name follows Chloe as she embarks on the Quest to become one of the People. In book one she moves to Montreal where she meets Seth. What she doesn't know is that Seth is one of the People which means she is an Other. Seth and Chloe fall in love, but their love is killing Seth in the Palace which causes Chloe to break up with. She didn't want to be the one to kill his soul.

Before moving forward: the People are people who serve He Who Knows and battle the Adversary in the Palace (a spiritual realm). An Other is a regular person who doesn't serve He Who Knows and neither believes.

This sequel was awesome for me! I completely loved how each character from the first book progressed in who they were. Chloe embarking on the Quest and completing it made me extremely happy because it gave her something to do and possibility of her having a future with Seth. Seth was a heartbroken fool. Drinking, rebounding...he was just doing too much to try and ease his pain instead of just dealing with it. He eventually ended up in Sri Lanka to get away and think things through.

I love how even though Chloe and Seth are physically broken up and miles apart they are still connected through their minds via dreams. The dreams begin to become real for Chloe, but Seth just feels like the dreams are just that. The dreams are much more...a connection binding them to one another and giving them yet another way to communicate.

Seth eventually goes into the Palace, but he believes its all a dream because Chloe is there. Hopefully in the next book he will accept his life and realize the Palace is real and he needs to be there to fight.

I love Chloe's interaction with He Who Knows and their conversations. I didn't like what happened with her niece, but that helped her finish the Quest and become one of the People.

Spike will always be a favorite character of mine. She is totally comical and gives this book a bit more sass and spice. I still love Tal! She is very reserved in the physical world, but in the Palace she is a beast setting forth to fight of the Adversary. Jov's near death experience in the Palace nearly made me cry. Jen's encounter broke my heart.

The action in the Palace every turn of each pages, just kept me hooked and wanting to read more. To Call Your Name is an outstanding sequel and the love between Chloe and Seth still remains in tact despite the breakup.

I honestly believe that no matter what happens, Seth and Chloe are destined to be together because they are always connected somehow.

That ending with Seth...all I can say is I need more! I need to know what happens next!