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Fractured Dream

Fractured Dream - Randall Garrett I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Quick note: because I loved this book I can't be as descriptive and informative in this review as I am with others because I will spoil you all.

This was an outstanding fantasy read! I was gripped from that enticing prologue until the end. The world building was amazing, the characters were intriguing and I just felt all the emotions throughout this book. It was quite long, but felt like a quick 150-200 pages because it was such a fast paced read. I enjoyed the writing style that K. M. Randall gave. It was descriptive and pulled me into each page as if I was a character myself.

Story Sparks was such an amazing character. First off, her name alone is perfect for this novel because Story goes on a journey or quest in Tressla building her own story along the way and interacting with the fairytales we know and love. Absolutely perfect name! She's tied to both worlds and must figure out the truth of her dreams, remember what she has forgotten and save both worlds.

Sidenote: when she dreamt she was really going to another plane or in essence awaking in Tressla -- awesome! I also loved Adam and Elliot because there was more to them as well and they fit perfectly into the world that was created. Nicholas…let's just say I'm totally on his team and fan-girling over him!

I love how the romance doesn't overtake the entire story. You still get that fantasy with equal or limited amount of romance that keeps you wanting more from every character. There was still that main point of magic, adventure and unknowing that keeps this book going smooth and becoming a love. I enjoyed seeing the difference between our world and Tressla, the fantasy world. They may have had their difference in setting and time, but they both affected one another equally.

This is definitely a different take on fairytales and I highly recommend if you're looking for a fantasy with a bit of a kick and intriguing plot twist go grab you a copy and read this book. You won't regret it!

I am totally looking forward to the sequel and this book will be a definite re-read for me!