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Awaken: New Bloods Trilogy

Awaken:  New Bloods Trilogy - Michelle Bryan **I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Gave this a 3.75 stars.

Going to start by saying chapter one is crucial in understanding the culture and how the characters speak so be mindful of chapter one! Totally helps because the writing can make you think there is an error, but its just the way they talk after the Shift.

The main character, Tara, is basically an orphan living in Rivercross after the Shift. She was taken in by her gra'da when he found her as a baby. The story starts off on Tara preparing to celebrate her born day. She goes out to check the trapline, runs into Ben and then notices the metal monsters. When the metal monsters arrive she is forced to hide, young are taken and adults killed. All she can remember is gra'da telling her to go to another place to find a woman. The rest of the story is about her journey.

Tara isn't the average 18 year old and is destined for much more. After meeting a few people and encountering a few things she gives into her destiny.

Although this novel is amazingly written I just personally couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I found Tara to be a bit stubborn and her journey long and overdrawn.

Looking forward to reading the second book just to see where it goes.