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The Arrival

The Arrival - C.M. Doporto **I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**


Such a great sci-fi/fantasy novel. From start to finish I was completely hooked on Miranda and what the Eslites were doing on Earth. It was pretty cool at first learning that the Eslites were hot alien men that looked human.

So, the Eslites race is falling and they come to Earth to make an agreement in which they take girls ages 16 to 24 and do no more than 3 egg extractions to produce offspring in return to give America cures for cancer and many other diseases. Miranda, the protagonist, is one of the many girls taken to Nidus, the alien "camp" for the extractions.

Thousands of girls have been through many tests and some end up dead. Why? The Eslites are doing more than egg extractions. They are killing a few females with their genetic modifications and hormones all to make the offspring as close to Eslite as possible.

The girls end up feeling like they are in prison and want a way out. Miranda decides to be the one to help them. She and a few other girls devise a plan to get their freedom back as humans. When she is allowed to go home for 4 weeks with her friend Kate they take action.

In the mist of this Dimas, the headmaster, falls for Miranda and tells her he is the one "mating" with her eggs to produce offspring. What killed me...these girls seeing hundreds of their fetuses die at various stages of gestation. I honestly love the bond between Miranda and Dimas, but feel bad for Bryce (Miranda's ex).

Things happen that I would not have thought would and boy was I shocked. The ending was just perfect to a T. Completely ready to read book 2!

The Eslite Chronicles is an amazing series so far.