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Days of Blood and Starlight

Days of Blood and Starlight - Laini Taylor Wow, wow, wow!

I must say that Laini Taylor has a way of perfection with her writing! I mean I thought Daughter of Smoke & Bone was great, but Days of Blood & Starlight is a million times better. The action, the secrets and deception is so massive!

The bloodshed on both sides: slaughtering, carving of faces, destruction...just the works. It madr me cry, but kept me hooked!

Karou has become the new resurrectionist since Brimstone is dead and funny enough he planned for her to be. She becomes stuck rebuilding an army for Thiago because she feels she owes the chimera something for everything they lost. Thiago, however, had a plan of his own to slaughter the angels and keep Karou for himself. I didn't like the way he treated her, but his ending was absolutely amazing! Glad he is done for as well as Ten.

Akiva was still unsettled with the life he lived as a Bastard child or Misbegotten and he did something about it with Hazael, Liraz and his other "siblings". The way he killed his father, Joram, was so heroic. Sad that Hazael died fighting for the cause.

Jael is an evil, conniving snake. I mean setting his own brother up to be killed to kill off his nephew to become emperor was insane. Now he wants to rule the human world. All because of stupid Razgut!

Loved Zuze and Mik. They are true friends for sure and I would love to have them as my friends. Happy that Issa was alive and resurrected...she is just awesome! I loved the kids that were running for safety and how even though they were from different tribes they helped each other out...very touching.

That ending...man oh man...I was shocked. Thiago is alive but he is Ziri and Ten is Haxaya. Deception is crazy!

So excited to read Dreams of Gods & Monsters and see what happens!