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What I Really Learned in College

What I Really Learned in College (With Honors, #1) - Addison Winters

Let me just state: this book completely wowed me! This was so much better than I thought it was going to be and kept turning pages until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Addison Winters has created a very realistic situations that was written so beautifully. 

Alex is a 32 year old divorced mother of two young boys. She has gone back to college to better her future for her sons. In the midst of going back to school she meets a handsome young man who is turning 21 years old. She knows he's off limit because of his age, but one night out for a celebration turns everything into an interesting roller-coaster. Mason is a 20 year old college junior taking the same class, sociology, as Alex. He finds her intriguing but thinks nothing can happen between them because of their age difference. Little does he know that his 21st birthday will bring the two together.

I totally loved the romance between Alex and Mason. It wasn't too slow, but it wasn't fast either. They were flirtatious for a few days with one another but at Mason's 21st birthday things "turn up" and get hot and heated between the two. The sex scenes weren't too crazy -- they were hot and heavy, but they weren't too gritty to read. Some points I thought Alex was a bit too dominant, but then again it fit with the whole age difference.

Mason wowed me majority of the book because despite the age difference he was open and willing to learn all that he could just to be with Alex. Alex seemed like an awesome teacher for him because he caught on to things pretty well. The characters that berated them such as Courtney, Becca, Alex's mom and her siblings -- were all jerks. I think they should have minded they're own business. Not everyone finds happiness in the same age bracket or race. They just all reacted so rudely to them and it pissed me off. People like Nick, Emma, Isaac and Lisa were awesome because even though they were aware of the strange age difference they still supported Alex and Mason at every twist and turn.

I loved Alex son's Max and Henry -- they were simply too adorable and I enjoyed how they approved of Mason no matter his age. They only cared that he made their mom happy and it was just too cute for words. Danny, Alex's ex husband, was a damn jackass. I did not like how he treated his kids. Finding out about the whole Disney trip really irked my nerves and proved that Danny was a complete jerk.

That ending with Hayden, Mason's real father, was crazy! Let alone that sneak peak of the sequel. I just can't believe it. I hope Alex doesn't do anything hurtful and Hayden needs to simply back off!

Overall, this book was a pleasure to read and totally recommend it 110%