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The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones - Laura   Howard Received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Forgotten Ones was an okay read for me. It was a bit slow pace for me and none of the "action" took place until the last few chapters which gives me hope for the sequel, Stone of Destiny.

Quick Note: Danaans are fairies

The book follows Allison as she sets off to rescue her mom, Elizabeth, from the hands of two evil Danaans. Prior to her mother needing to be rescued she meets her long lost father who tells her the truth of her heritage and hint's about her mother's state.

I enjoyed this book because Allison was a very strong minded character. She wanted to help rescue her mother at all costs no matter where they took her mother. The way she handled meeting her father and finding out the truth of their relationship was very mature because most characters would become angry and full of hate. She however did not. She took great care of her mother and made sure she was taken very good care of.

The love interest, Ethan, was just a sweet bystander. He was simply dragged into the world of the Dannan because of the feelings he and Allison have for one another. I think Allison should have never pushed him away. Yes her life does sound crazy, but I think it would have at least prepared him for everything.

Who is this Samantha character? Is that Liam's other daughter? Does Allison really have a full blown fairy sister in the world?

I love the richness of the Irish background and heritage especially since I'm part Irish myself it was very intriguing to read. I loved the humor that did arise in the book when it came to Allison speaking to the royal King and Queen of the Dannans.

The storyline was simply great, but I couldn't give it a 4 star rating simply because of the pacing of this book. However, I am excited to see what goes on in Stone of Destiny!

Sulan, Episode 1: The League

Sulan, Episode 1: The League - Camille Picott I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Sulan is a very interesting YA Dystopian/ Cyberpunk novel. This is a medium paced book. I enjoyed the action and cyber aspect and I loved Sulan so I gave this book a 4.5 star rating.

Sulan Hom lives in a new world where America has failed its citizens, Global takes over and has Anti-American League killing students, workers and more. Sulan has witnessed the killing of a college student and wants to learn to protect herself. Her mother, who's a merc, does not agree to train her because Sulan attends VEX (Virtual Experience -- a virtual high school). Sulan can't take not knowing how to defend herself so she takes it upon herself to enter the Meat Grinder and become a Cube member. This is where the story takes off.

Sulan is accepted by a teammate by Gun (Gunther) because she is very strategic and they're both minors. Gunther finds out the reason for Sulan being in the Cube and agrees to help train her. Sulan is a very strong willed young lady to be only 16, but considering the world she lives in it should be a give. Gunther is more of the rich kid looking for fun. I love Hank, Sulan's bestfriend. She is hilarious, nerdy and boy crazy. She had me laughing when she complained about her GPA. She is just too much for me.

The world was impeccable and the characters were outstanding. For a new genre I was highly impressed by this novel.

Excited what happens next.

Sulan, Episode 0.5: The Cube

Sulan, Episode 0.5: The Cube - Camille Picott I have to say. I'm totally loving Sulan's survival attitude. She is spunky!

Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened

Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened - Allie Brosh I cannot believe I waited so long to get this book! Allie Brosh is a genius! This book had me cracking up nonstop. I couldn't contain myself. I love how she took her childhood and adulthood events (good and bad) and turned them into humorous pictures. The writing just kept me going but the artwork sold me so much more. I definitely enjoyed this book and it's definitely a must read!

The Diamond Thief

The Diamond Thief - Sharon Gosling Received an ARC from NetGalley.

Mild spoilers

This was a very interesting take on circus carnies. I definitely enjoyed reading this story.

Remy was a sweet girl put into a rough situation. No family, no friends and poor. She joined the circus to feel that kind of "safety". The circus however was simply a group of hidden thieves. Remy was the best thief that circus had. One night she is called by the Master to go and survey the Ocean Light Diamond to steal it. Why? The Diamond has a curse placed on him and her lineage. Without the diamond the curse cannot be broken. When she goes to survey the diamond she is thrown into an opportunity of luck, or so she thought and things take a quick turn.

Thaddeus was a young copper who grew up on the streets. When he is left responsible for the diamond and it goes missing he is blamed for it and wanted to for theft. He searches out for Remy, but when they meet up he learns that not only did Remy not have the diamond but an unlikely Lord stole the diamond. Now they must retrieve and work together.

I love the romance the built up between Thaddeus and Remy. It was slow and patient. The perfect pace for this story.

I love that this takes place in London and the writing went extremely well with the setting. I felt apart of the story every turn of the page. I love how the Indian culture is intertwined along with the Indian characters. Amazing combination.

I totally loved the Professor and J. They seemed to be very essential secondary characters to this story and helped it move a bit faster. Lord Abernathy is a cruel man. I totally dislike him! He seemed sweet until the truth of the stolen diamond is discovered and then missing people -- he is a heartless man.

That ending was amazing! I'm trying to figure out how she was able to do it without leaving a trace behind.

I definitely enjoyed this novel and plan to read the sequel soon.

Into The Fire

Into The Fire - Ashelyn Drake Kelly Hashway aka Ashelyn Drake has created an impeccable story surrounded around mythology, romance, family and deceit. I was blown away by how this kept my hooked from the very first paragraph all the way until the end. The love story between Cara and Logan is perfect and balances out the mythology behind Cara being a Phoenix.

Cara is a very shy country-side girl with a huge secret, but so do a few of the people in Ashlan Falls. They are Phoenixes. Cara is a month away from her rebirth when she meets an attractive young man that happens to pull her in the most unexpected way. Logan is a bold city guy with a simple infatuation for Cara that is unexpected. He can't keep away from her and falls instantly in love with her. He is dragged into the word of Phoenixes and must figure out how things work.

The relationship between Cara and Logan is increasingly seamless. Granted it was instalove for them both, but I love how they tried to keep cool and get to know one another.

The fact that Cara was close to her rebirth was one struggle, but she had her brother Jeremy who just went through his rebirth, an overprotective mother, a strong love for Logan which makes her powers unstable and a Phoenix hunter on the loose.

Finding out who the Phoenix hunter was didn't really surprise me at all, but then again it did as well. I was shocked by how well the hunter was able to infiltrate the lives of Cara and Jeremy and pretend to be normal. The way in which he used his trust to lore Cara with him to the school and kill her was insane. I like how smart Cara was to dial Logan's number and leave a message with the hunter talking.

I still think Logan's dad is a hunter simply because he is always working late and barely pops up in the story and since there are murders in the next town over I just assume his dad is a Phoenix hunter and that there are multiple hunters in the area out to kill.

This was a perfect story and my first book introduction to the life and world of Phoenixes…PERFECTION! I read the sneak peak of Out of the Ashes, which I assume is book #2, and all I can say is -- I need it NOW!

Sprung (The Witchbound Series #2)

Sprung (The Witchbound Series #2) - Kelbian Noel I was sent a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

**Moderate spoilers.**

Sprung is a great companion sequel to Roots. Started off giving this a 4.5 star rating, but I just had to bump it to 5 stars. Simply profound!

This follows an Elemental witch named Skye Jackson, her element is air, which I think is very cool. Skye is a very spunky and curious character. I like how she spent time learning from and talking to her grandmother about magic. I love that her father was aware of magic, but avoided it all cost. Definitely makes one of the parents aware of what goes on magical wise. I love how protective she is as well. Especially when it came to Claire, her best-friend. I hate what the hex did, but than again magic is unpredictable when it's not specific. However, Skye found a way to make things better.

Both her parents are awesome. But what her dad did to her Nana was insane. Like beyond insane. Still respect him though. Okay so Seth has gone crazy, but I guess after a hex and being revived with magic that can do it!

Dale! OMG -- I can't believe it … I never expected such a thing from him. Maybe a cheater, but not that. But then again this series does make you second guess these characters a lot. The way he just moved right in and smoothed everything out with Skye and her mom was insane. Who the heck is Greta?! And Siobhan … OMG just as treacherous as Dale. I can't believe the people Skye trusts either lied to her or are out to harm her. Ruthless! Do they all work for Joslin?

The dreams Skye have been having about her "sister" is simply amazing. I finally understand how each witch can sense when one another is in danger and it's absolutely amazing.

I love how the story connects the characters from Roots to this one. Ramon was a great character in Roots, so I'm glad to see he's back for another go in Sprung. Finding out who Ramon is to both Baltimore (main character in Roots), Skye and the others makes so much more sense to me! But why are these girls always freaking kissing him?! Is it because of the bond or pull they have with him…it's all just too much!

I love how Nate and Baltimore arrive just at the end of the book and how both Baltimore and Skye have a dream about one of their sisters.

I'm excited to read Smolder and find out which Elemental witch it's about.

On a quick note: Poor Eugene. I really hoped he was still alive…I truly hate this Joslin witch.

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 2

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 2 - Young Kim, Stephenie Meyer Once again the artwork in this book is fan-flipping-tastic. I absolutely love what Young Kim has created within these graphic novels. The artwork along with the writing makes the story feel real and pulls me completely in. I love the relationship Bella and Edward have. I love how Jacob doesn't really seem like much of a jerk in the graphic novel compared to how he is in the movie (have yet to read the books yet). Overall, I am happy I read both of these and I want to continue with this graphic novel series before I read the books.


Roots - Kelbian Noel I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

This was an absolutely fabulous story from page one to the end. Gave this a 4.5 star rating. Kelbian Noel creates such a riveting story of a girl finding out who she is and becoming her true self while trying to wrap her head around magic and save her twin brothers life. An extraordinary tale of family, love and magic. Breathtakingly amazing.

Baltimore seemed like a lost girl to me. She didn't know who she really was only that her parents were witches and she was sort of the town freak. She didn't believe in magic, but when she was thrusted into the realm of magic she quickly tried to dismiss it. I like how when she did begin to understand that magic was very real and who she was and what power she had to began to stick it out and become a very bold young lady. I like how she questioned things without being too annoying.

Brooklyn was just a sad guy. He is Baltimore's twin brother under the spell of an evil witch. What he does to his sister really throws me for a loop. I mean could he really be that angry and jealous to have done that? He was a horrible brother to her and even though Baltimore tried to give him love and save him he always went back to his evil witch. Ruthless in my opinion.

Joslin was just an angry, unloved, pitful old hag. She should have gotten on with her life after 200+ years of living. To harbor that much anger and try to gain power again only brings her own demise so I'm not sure why she did not see that. She was just an idiot. However, I did enjoy her sassy attitude and how well she played the loving girlfriend at the beginning of the story.

Their families background was interesting to learn about. Seeing that their powers are inheritated yet skip a generation is amazing. I love how Baltimore and Brooklyn received their powers. It was absolutely cool to learn about their connection to their grandparents.

I did enjoy Nate, Ramon and Tarik. I loved the "competition" between Nate and Ramon for Baltimore and how Baltimore was sort of oblivious to it all. It was just cute.

That ending tore my heart with the sacrifice, who it had to be and what it all meant. The way the two men in her life disappeared was heartbreaking, but the one who returned was even more interesting. It proves how powerful Baltimore really was an Elemental.

Overall, I'm excited to see what happens next in the companion novel, Sprung.

Coral & Bone

Coral & Bone - Tiffany Daune This was very interesting for me. This book was long winded and got boring sometimes. I gve this book a 3.5 star rating.

I loved Halen as a character. Even though she harbored a lot of anger with her parents and the Taris for lying to her she pulled through. She never let herself get trapped into the darkness. She found a way out. She was a bit whiny at times and insecure but she still kept herself together as best as she could.

Tage was an awesome! I enjoyed her character. At first she just seemed like a spoil brat, but as the story progressed everything began to make sense and who she was pretty crucial to how things laid out.

Dax was a crazy guy at first, but as things moved forward and learning his true identity I began to like him. I thought the feelings he and Halen started to have for each other was so cute.

Asair is an evil son of a gun. He thoroughly pissed me off. He had everything planned out so well for him that it just seemed unbelievable. He made sure his plans were in order and that everything was perfect. The part about what the Tari and Elizabeth I wish I knew the truth.

I loved all the other characters: Ezar, Despar, Corrine, Catch, Huron and others in Elosia. All the characters were fantasically written and all the settings were descriptive and made me feel drawn to them visually which is always a plus!

That ending! That was such a cliffhanger. I seriously did not expect the way it ended.

Overall this was an enjoyble read, I just wish it was a bit more fast paced.

A Whispered Darkness

A Whispered Darkness - Vanessa Barger Wow...can you say freaky possession and crazy demonic spirits?! I gave this a full on 5 star rating! This book was so outstanding for me. It was a great intro into horror books. Vanessa has done absolutely amazing with this book!

This story follows Claire, her mother and her brother Grant. They have moved into a new house after their parents get divorced and Claire has a breakdown. Two things that make this move interesting: 1) Claire is a psychic and her mom and brother knows it and 2) their house is haunted.

Right off the back Claire can see and sense the strange happenings: the ghosts in the house. She tries to figure out what the ghosts want and the only answer: her. She also meets two guys named Bryan and Haven. These two have secrets of their own and they happen to be cousins. Their story: Haven is a psychic and Bryan is jealous. Bryan likes Claire but she picks Haven.

I absolutely loved every character! They all were unique in their very own way.

Claire is a very bold and quiet girl. It's a strange combination but in school she was super quiet and aware of her surroundings. Out of school she was fighting and arguing with crazy ghost that tried to kill her. I absolutely love how she stood up to Horace. No matter how hard he used her mother against him she still did not back down when he pushed.

Grant is a spunky kid! He's the kind of younger brother you love. He was very supportive to his sister and stood by her side even when the ghosts attacked them. I loved him like a little brother.

Claire's mother was very naive to me. She believed Claire was psychic but kept trying to get her admitted. That's so wrong, granted majority of the book she wasn't herself, but she still was naive and mean when it came to Claire and her powers.

Haven was the sweetest guy ever. I love how off the back he knew Claire was different and how they connected with having the same abilities (in a sense). He was protective, always there when needed and even like an older brothee to Grant. I just loved him and I'm team Haven!

Bryan was a scarey guy. The anger he had was insane. There were moments I thought he would kill Claire because he flipped back and forth with his emotions, but the ending of the book helps to explain his behavior. I still however was not a fan of him at all.

Horace and Maggie were freaking insane. Horace's background and what he did was beyond outrageous, but Maggie was totally wrong and set on revenge. I loved that ending between her and Claire...priceless and perfect!

This was an awesome book and I hope this book has a sequel secretly in the works.


Irons - M.J. Fields This was such an insane read -- in a good way! M. J. Fields is brilliant and I definitely plan to read the next book.

I gave this a 4.5 star rating simply because Frankie was too childish and I wanted to know more about Jaxson's family.

This follows both Jaxson "Jax" Irons and Francesca "Frankie" Cruz. Jaxson has just lost his bestfriend Will and Will is Frankie's older brother. During the time of the funeral Frankie kisses Jax and admits her feelings. Jax is stunned amd leaves.

After 3 years they are reunited. Frankie still has feelings for him, but she has a dark past. Jax has fallen for her but never had a stable relationship. Somehow, someway they work things out build a great relationship.

Jax is an awesome guy. Granted he treated women like crap majority of the time but he treated Frankie differently. With love and care. Jax admitted things were new to him and even though it was hard for me he still tried to make the relationship work for him.

Frankie is a very insecure young lady. Ever since her brother died she became hooked on sex and alcohol as an escape from the hurt and pain she felt. She totally got on my nerve majority of time because she whined too damn much. Especially on the scenes when she told him to go with Mimi...I want to punch her in the face for being whinny and dramatic.

The sex scenes were damn near intense and vulgar, but very enjoyable nonetheless. If you are not a sex kind of person I would say don't read this book because sex is throughout the book whether spoken or physically done.

That ending surprised the hell out of me. What happened to Frankie was wrong. What Jax found out about him and Mimi was a shocker and I just need to know more!!! Jaxson's mother pissed me off completely. I totally dislike her.

Overall I definitely plan to read the sequel and read more of M. J. Fields work.


Avian - Nicole Conway **I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.**

This is a sequel of pure perfection! Avian picks up right where Fledgling ends and I love that! It didn't skip over the three month break from the academy. It begins with Jae returning home only to find that Katty likes a guy that's not him because he's a halfbreed and his father has moved away without notice. The only one to contact him was Roland, his older stepbrother. So immediately we see Jae mature into this young man he is forced to become.

Mavrik is still such a lovely character. He definitely makes me enjoy dragons a lot more.

I am shocked to find that king drake Icarus has chosen a rider, but it's a female and he wants no other. He has chosen Beckah, daughter of Sile.

It was great to see more of Bekah and her wittiness. Sile is just amazing through everything he shares, shows and keeps secret. Felix is still an awesome friend.

I loved the new characters and especially the old ones. Following Jae through his avian year to become an official dragonrider was amazing. I can definitely say he definitely grew and matured throughout the book.

Let me just say...thank God Beckah and Jae got it together between each other. They are just too damn cute and proved my prediction in my review of Fledgling!

That ending! Oh my gosh...I need answers like now. His father?! 

Totally enjoyed! This is definitely worth the read! I'm a dragon lover now!

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1 - Young Kim, Stephenie Meyer Wow, this was unbelievably amazing. I have seen every movie! I also own all the books and have not yet read them, but this graphic novel definitely made me want to read them all!

The artwork in this graphic novel is fantastic. Even though it was mostly black and white with a few specks of color here and there it was totally gorgeous to look at and read.

Edward and Bella are just pure perfection for me! I enjoyed Edward's snippiness at the beginning of this story and how he slowly just gave in to his attraction for Bella. I enjoyed Bella being the way she was. Even though her feelings were instalove for me, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Both Stephanie Meyer and Young Kim did an awesome job on this and I'm excited to read Volume 2!

The Tree Hugger

The Tree Hugger - Heidi Garrett I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Gave this a 2.5 star rating.

This was a very interesting read. I never read the original story by Hans and I doubt I will. This was a bit of a drag for me. The writing style was unique and different and it totally confused the mess out of me. It's written in an old, southern kind of style that threw me off completely.

Magnolia was a very enjoyable character and all that she went through losing her mom, grandma and great grandma was crazy.

Overall, this was an okay reaf for me


Fledgling - Nicole Conway **I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Mild spoilers

Gave this a 4.5 star rating.

The way Jaevid grew up was horrible. His upbringing was terrible and no one had respect for me at all. I love that no matter what came his way, being a halfbreed or the drama that took place, he never gave up on anything. He made it a mission to save Sile every time danger arised. For a fledgling he went above and beyond.

Ulric is a terrible father. I hated him for treating Jaevid the way he did. He hated his own son because his mother was an elf. Just unspeakably rude.

Sile was an excellent man and father like figure for Jae. He taught him ad nurtured him like a father should. He was the first person to really care about Jae's life and opinions. The way his coworkers treated him for taking Jae under his wing was ruthless.

Mavrik was funny! For a wild dragon he definitely allowed Jae to be his rider and train him. That bond between them was strong from the start and only got stronger as their journey went on.

Leony was a cowardice punk. I hated him and that's all I have to say about him.

Felix was an awesome friend! He didn't care what Jae was, only for the person and kindness he had. Felix was there through it all for Jar. Thick and thin and that is a great foundation for a friendship.

Beckah was so sweet and young, but she had some knowledge on her. Loved her character and I think she and Jae would make the cutest couple ever!

This was such a great read. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Excited to read the sequel: Avian!